Sell Us Your Cards

We buy card collections, single cards and sealed boxes in our shop 7 days a week and at card shows around the country!

To sell us your cards, please visit us in our Atlanta shop (find our location here), or visit our CardsHQ Buying Station at a card show (see the shows we're attending).

What we buy:

We buy thousands of cards each week from collectors who bring their cards to CardsHQ. While we love buying cards, we can’t buy every card that walks in the door. This page explains more about what we do and don’t buy.

We pride ourselves on providing collectors with an amazing selection of highly collectible sports and TCG cards. As life-long collectors ourselves, we understand the importance of sourcing cards that meet a high standard of collectibility. That's why we're committed to purchasing cards that meet the following criteria:

Sports Cards: We specialize in purchasing sports cards from various eras, including ultra modern cards, modern stars and vintage Hall of Famers. Whether you have baseball, football, basketball, or other sports cards, we're interested in evaluating them for purchase, as long as they meet the Purchasing Guidelines below. Please note, though, that there are many sports cards from 1980-2000 that we will not buy. See the Purchasing Guidelines below for more information.

Pokémon/TCG Cards: As one of the leading TCG retailers, we're always on the lookout for rare and valuable cards. From holographic Charizards to the elusive Elsa Enchanted, we're eager to add premium TCG cards to our collection, as long as they meet the Purchasing Guidelines below.

Sealed Product: At CardsHQ, we have a wide variety of different sealed wax products. We are always looking for sealed hobby boxes, booster boxes, loose packs, and retail boxes.

Our Purchasing Guidelines:

High-Quality Condition: We prefer cards that are in excellent condition, free from significant wear, creases, or damage. Mint or near-mint cards are highly sought after and command premium prices. Graded cards are always a priority for us, as we value their authenticated quality, condition, and enhanced market desirability.

Value Over $5: We prioritize cards with a value exceeding $5. This ensures that we're acquiring items that have a significant market demand and can offer value to our customers.

Not from the Junk Era (1980-2000): We don’t buy most sports cards from the “junk era.” This includes most cards from 1980-2000. While there are some exceptions from this time period, most cards produced in this time frame were mass produced, leading to lack of desire in the collecting community. The only exception is for graded cards of Hall of Famers, or stars like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. We do not buy complete sets. We focus on acquiring individual cards that meet our value and condition criteria.

Not Complete Sets: While we will buy large collections, we don’t buy complete sets from a particular year and product.

Cards Only: We only buy cards, not memorabilia or other collectibles. 

How to Sell Your Cards:

Bring Your Collection to CardsHQ: To begin the selling process, simply come into CardsHQ and join our waitlist. One of our professional buyers will be able to assist you and tell you if your collection is desired by CardsHQ. We are often busiest on Saturdays, so if possible, consider coming another day of the week.

Evaluation Process: Our team of experts will carefully review your collection and assess the value of your cards. We comp your cards using our software Market Movers. We'll take into account factors such as rarity, demand, and condition to determine a fair market price.

Offer and Payment: Once we've evaluated your collection, we'll provide you with a competitive offer for your cards. We normally offer you the choice of cash or store credit. If you accept our offer, we'll arrange for payment or credit to your account.

Card Shows: Please see our Events page for our show schedule if you would like to sell to us outside of CardsHQ. 

Please Note: CardsHQ buys based on their current inventory needs. We reserve the right to refuse any collection. 

Why Choose CardsHQ?

Trusted Expertise: With years of experience in the collectibles industry, we're trusted by collectors in store and all over the nation for our expertise and integrity.

Fair Offer Pricing: We believe in offering fair and competitive prices for the cards we purchase. We offer a 70% cash offer or 80% store credit offer for your collection. Our transparent valuation process ensures that you receive the value your collection deserves.

Exceptional Service: Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Whether you're selling a single card or an entire collection, you can expect personalized service and attention to detail every step of the way.

We Will Sell Your Cards Fairly: At CardsHQ, we want collectors to purchase their cards at a fair market value from us. This means, after we purchase your cards, we will price your cards at a fair market value, and will not upcharge the future collector who ends up purchasing your collectible. If you decide to choose store credit, you can be confident that you will find cards in our store priced at the current comp. 


If you would like a general sense if CardsHQ would be interested in your collection, please contact Ryan at Please provide a detailed spreadsheet or images of your collection. 

Ready to turn your sports cards and TCG cards into cash? Come in to CardsHQ today and experience the difference of selling to a trusted card shop in the collectibles community. Thank you for choosing CardsHQ!