Live Selling

@cardshqshop on Whatnot 

@cardshqshop is a first of its kind live selling show packed with sudden death card auctions and $1 dollar starts!

This show features baseball, basketball and football cards. The show is live during the week & weekends from 10 AM - 9:30 PM! Check weekly schedule on Whatnot.


@cardshqbreaks on Whatnot 

Join the chillest break on Whatnot with King Lu & Grizzly!

This show features features group baseball breaks and personal breaks of any product in our store. The show is live from Thursday through Sunday, 4 PM - 1 AM, with more hours coming soon.


@cardshqtcg on Whatnot

Check out our newest live stream with breaks and single card auctions for trading card games like Pokémon, One-Piece, Lorcana, Magic, and more!

The show is live from Wednesday through Saturday, 2 PM - Midnight!